Helping Organizations, Teams, and Leaders Reach Their Peak


Helping Organizations, Teams, and Leaders Reach Their Peak

How To Lead Forward

Your success is our success

Building viable organizations and teams demands a sense of craftsmanship.  For the leader, it requires passion, humility, a will to succeed, and some grit.  It also requires knowing what tools, techniques, and approaches work best in a given environment.   

We can help your business or non-profit become a high-performing organization characterized by growthconfidencestability, and a strong sense of direction – the hallmarks of an exceptional culture

Have you ever been on a team where chaos seems to reign and no one is really sure which direction the team is heading?

We can relate.

Team Performance

Teams are the bedrock of all organizations.  They are the vital building blocks that enable an enterprise to accomplish its primary mission and reach its goals.

Team performance falls within a spectrum:  a team is either highly dysfunctional or it is high performing.  Within this performance range, there are varying shades of dysfunction or, conversely, there are shades of brilliance.

Applying our proprietary LeadPro Approach, we can help organizations address the signs of dysfunction and/or help your team(s) rachet up their performance.

How do you begin the journey?  Invest in a half-day or full-day team seminar that provides the opportunity to do the hard work of self-examination which will ultimately lead to discovery, understanding…and action.

A typical team seminar is driven by a team assessment (completed in advance) and interactive discussions designed to get your team on the proverbial same sheet of music when it comes to foundational performance elements such as TRUST, CONFLICT, COMMITMENT, ACCOUNTABILITY, RESULTS.

What else can teams do to increase performance? Determine:

  • How does the team accomplish work?
  • What are the individual work styles of team members?
  • How do team members like to work?
  • What are individual motivators, stressors, and priorities?

Leader Performance

Leaders are the necessary human element within organizations that inspire teams and foster a productive, healthy climate that enables work to get done.

So…what does it take to be an effective, high performing, leader?  As with teams, leaders should frequently engage in regular self-examination and invest in themselves.

A vital area of self-examination has to do with understanding your emotional quotient (EQ) as a leader.  LeadPro can help leaders identify their EQ and help them understand their unique abilities, strengths, and blind spots—in other words, how they “show up” with and engage their teams.

In addition to EQ coaching and training, LeadPro also offers executive coaching to clients.  LeadPro’s approach to coaching involves critical pre-work before the first coaching call ever happens.  Once coaching begins, clients should expect to engage with their coach every 7-10 days with each session lasting about one hour.

Are you a new leader or new to your current leadership role?  LeadPro can help here too—we offer a highly interactive activity called “Leader Assimilation” that can help a leader sync with their team faster and break-down barriers that could be stifling high performance.

“...Emotional Quotient” (EQ) can be more predictive of success than IQ."

Have you sat in meetings where the phrase “Change Management” was casually tossed around the room—and no one really understood what it meant?

Been there and heard that!

Organizational Health and Change Strategy

Organizations and teams exist to accomplish a mission, whether it be product or service based.  When an organization’s teams and leaders are in sync, they indeed can accomplish a great deal. 

When organizations are in flow and operating at their full potential, they realize that change is a constant. They must regularly adapt to the speed of business, competition, and other external factors or risk being left in the dust…or worse.

To operate efficiently in this environment requires a healthy organization that values its people and has a solid understanding of how to process change in conjunction with organizational strategy.

We help organizations develop strategic goals that leverage the unique knowledge, skills, and abilities of your organization’s greatest asset:  YOUR PEOPLE.  We then look at how the organization processes change and come up with a unique plan on how you can process enduring organizational change that is measurable in terms of ROIadoption, and utilization.